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Yogic Philosophy Teacher Training

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The Philosophy of Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation
Ten module courses for Yoga Teachers & Students

This course gives a detailed understanding of the foundational concepts of modern Yoga practice. Following the path of teachers along the way, in which philosophy of yoga has developed over the last three thousand years. The original texts are studied as far as possible or the translations & interpretations of acknowledged teachers such as Adi Shankra. The course covers the following modules.

  • The philosophy of Samkhya and Vedanta
  • Upanishads including a detailed study of three principal and three minor Upanishads that underpin the modern Yoga practice.
  • The foundational teachings of Gautama Buddha and the way to end suffering
  • The Krishna’s teachings on Yoga in the Bhagavad Gita, and their effects on contemporary practice. How many types of yoga did Krishna teach?
  • The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
  • The philosophy of Tantra.
  • The influence of science and medicine on the practice of Yoga.
  • The Practice of Mindfulness and Meditation for Yoga Teachers.
  • Constructing lesson plans for teaching.
  • Essential Sanskrit for Yogis.

CPD Day Offering

We offer a CPD day that takes an overview of 'The Practice of Mindfulness and Meditation for Yoga Teachers'. The foundational teachings of Gautama Buddha and the way to end suffering. This day helps give teachers and understanding of how to integrate practices into classroom environment and is a taster to the larger module.

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