Pranayama & Mantra Teacher Training

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Pranayama and Mantra Teacher Training Course

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This course is specifically for qualified yoga teachers who wish to teach pranayama and mantra in mainstream classes or to advanced students who wish to gain in-depth knowledge.

The course is 1 year and has written and practical homework. The practices of pranayama are explored thoroughly, deepening and stabilizing physical and mental control alongside rhythmic breath, ratio breathing.

More in-depth integration of energetic bhanda and mudra, traditional bastriki, kapalabhati, and nadi shodhana are fully practiced alongside a variety of other pranayama techniques. The course is also for those who wish for a better understanding of the correct application of mantra. The course gives students an understanding of both the Sanskrit alphabet, understanding mantra enunciation and physical (tongue – mouth – breath ) conveyance, alongside the more empathic heart – mind connection.

The Qualification

Graduates receive a qualification to teach if previously qualified as a yoga teacher or a certificate of attendance (transferable* ) if not yet qualified.

Teaching Pranayama

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