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Bursaries & Financial Hardship

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Mindflowyoga offers a financial assistance scheme to assist potentially outstanding students/teachers who may ordinarily not be able to afford to attend one of our courses. The bursaries range in size depending on specific circumstances. Under exceptional circumstances we will meet the entire costs of the course (including travel, and normal costs).

Mindflowyoga believes that we have a duty of care to pass forward the right yoga attitude. This means not just following the yamas and niyamas, or whichever philosophical school you like, but actively engaging yoga at a local and personal level. It’s about spreading the right mindset, changing people for the better and presenting opportunities to those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attain this state.

Finding Freedom Through Yoga

Mindflowyoga bursary scheme applies to ALL of our courses. Applicants must meet the course requirements before an application may be accepted.

Who can apply

We offer places to people who are not in a position to pay full price or who would benefit from attending the course, or who would make an outstanding yoga teacher and payment for training would adversely affect their lives. We don’t give these out without careful consideration, balancing the needs of the candidates and what they could bring to the broader community.

We have given bursaries to students who have hit hard times and are unable to pay due to; a messy divorce, low incomes, being single parents, are a carer for one or more people. Each of these students have been assessed as having the potential to be an outstanding yoga teacher who will pass yoga values onto their community and their own students. Each of them is committed to yoga practice at the appropriate level.

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