BWY Foundation 1 Training Course

A great start to learning more yoga - only slightly blowing your mind.

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BWY Yoga Foundation Course

Starts 14 March 2020 - Hitchin Studio
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6 Places Left for 2020
Course also running in 2021

The BWY Foundation Course 1 is a 60-hour personal development course for anyone who has been attending yoga classes for 2 years or more with a recognised yoga teacher.

The course will further your understanding of yoga, develop your personal practice and widen your experience. The course provides a comprehensive grounding in basic practical techniques taught in the context of the philosophy that underpins Yoga. It is an ideal preparation for those who may wish to train as yoga teachers in the future but is great for yoga students who do not wish to teach, but would like to know a bit more.

The aim of the course is to go deeper into the teachings of yoga than a typical yoga class allows, providing students with the knowledge, the tools and the space to deepen their relationship with yoga. The course will cover a comprehensive range of asana, pranayama, meditation, mudra, mantra, kriya, yogic anatomy (chakras, nadis), relaxation, as well as covering the history of yoga, yoga philosophy (including the Yoga Sutras attributed to Patanjali)and the different schools and paths of yoga.

The BWY Foundation course is for: * students who wish to deepen their personal yoga practice, increase their knowledge of yoga and meet like minded yogis.

* those considering yoga teacher training as a future option – the course provides a good introduction to and preparation for Certificate and Diploma teaching courses

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The course follows the BWY syllabus and is approximately 50% practice and 50% theoretical. Although there is no compulsory written homework – no essays, students will be expected to keep a personal practice journal (written, auditory, photographic, video or other) and background research (reading, listening to audio books, watching videos, YouTube etc) is encouraged.

The course not only covers the the BWY curriculum but forms a basis of future Yoga development through Sarah O'Connor's experience in teaching, her methods and insatiable apetite for continuous professional development. Sarah is a well known and respected teacher in the BWY, IYN and Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Membership of the BWY is required to attend this course.

The venue is the beautiful light and airy hall in Sam Lucas JMI Hitchin. 30 mins from Central London

The course is held on 10 Saturdays over 10 months, from March 2020 to December 2020. To qualify for the certificate, a minimum of 80% attendance is required.

2020 Course dates:
14/03/2020, 18/04/2020, 16/05/2020, 20/06/2020, 18/07/2020, 15/08/2020, 19/09/2020, 17/10/2020, 14/11/2020, 12/12/2020

The price is determined by the BWY at £665. £65 of which is for registration with BWY.
We offer a couple of credit payment plans to help spread the cost over 3 or 6 months.

Next Starting

This course will start 14 March 2020

We have a small but active student body. We encourage student representation at faculty, and course levels. This includes seats on our standards committee, and at variety levels within courses. This helps us to maintain quality of standards for future and current courses and maintains a level of welfare for all our staff and students.
We encourage participation and we keep it fun! However it isn't obligatory and there's not actually that much to do.

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