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We are proud of our yoga qualifications, diplomas, and certifications. Our courses are accredited to the highest standard and recognized by the top yoga organisations in the UK. We aim to create some of the best yoga teachers around and want to ensure our qualification brings them immediate acknowledgement.

The integrity of our qualification is paramount in order to ensure our teachers are respected, trusted, and renowned for the quality of their teaching.

Our 500 hour teacher training and self development course is recognized by three organisations. This means that the students can chose which organisation(s) they wish to be accredited by. This could be the British Wheel of Yoga, The Independent Yoga Network, or The Yoga Alliance. They could choose to be accredited by just one or all three. The British Wheel of Yoga and The Independent Yoga Network are acknowledged to have some of the best teachers in systematic (BWY) and broad (IYN) approaches to yoga. The Yoga Alliance is an internationally recognised accreditation. The combination of these convergent, divergent and international yoga certifications means that our certified teachers will be able to travel anywhere and bring their individuality to bear on a safe, and respected yogic form that acknowledges yoga lineage, and the diversity of yoga practices.

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