Mindflowyoga Courses Summary

Welcome to mindflowyoga training. Yoga training that gives you the freedom and strength to be the yoga practitioner you want to be.

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Mindflowyoga Courses

Hitchin Studio

Our courses are a variety of lengths and levels. Each is designed to cover a broader aspect of yoga than you would normally expect in a western school. Sure, we cover asana, philosophy, and some energetic practices, but we also look at the person, the yogi, the practitioner. All our courses are in-depth, well structured, and opening. Courses can lead to a yoga teaching qualification, may be used to augment a newly qualified teacher’s qualification, or simply to look deeper into your own practice.

We encourage a deeper learning of yoga, through continued regular practice at a variety of levels. Each person attending a course is given the time to develop who they are. We don’t want to turn out inexperienced or fragile yoga teachers. Its not fair on them or the students they teach. We want people to be strong, robust, anti-fragile individuals who can promote self respect through respect for others. Respect for their yoga and themselves.

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