mindflowyoga Workshops

Mindflowyoga Workshops.

Many of these offer CPD points - contact us for more information.

Tibetan Heart Yoga Workshop Sat 07-Oct-2017

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Tibetan Heart Yoga Workshop

Tibetan Heart Yoga focuses on the Six Perfect Gifts of Mind. These are woven into asana, focusing mental energy, and the giving and receiving these gifts with each breath. This is a deeply transformative practice, especially good for opening the energies of the heart space. The workshop will also include, Lu Jong, Tibetan Mantra, Pranayama and Tonglen Meditation. Sarah has been practicing, this form of Tibetan Yoga for over 12 years, of all the practices, she has worked with, these ones have helped her through some very challenging times in life. The combination of Tibetan practices work on developing our ability to work from a place of compassion and kindness, both for others and oneself.

Yin & Yoga of the Inner Path Sat 09-Dec-2017

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Yin & Yoga of the Inner Path

Yin Yoga practice consists of mainly sitting and supine postures which are generally held for longer than “normal”. Poses are held in a relaxed and steady way, increasing the flexibility of the joints, gently stretching and rehabilitating the connective tissues. This approach is conducive to deep relaxation and meditation. Combined with Pranayama and meditation technique this workshops offers a deeply immersive experience.

The Energetic Body and The Vayus - Dates to be announced

A series of British Wheel Of Yoga CPD days that covers energetic practices of the Vayus, Mantra, Bhanda, Mudra and Paranayama.
These are available through BWY regional training days and are available for booking now.
6 CPD points.