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Developed over 20 years in a live class environment.
The faculty is led by experts in their field.


Sarah O'Connor B.A.hons DipBWY

Course Director - Yoga

Sarah has over twenty years experience teaching yoga, pranayama, energetic practices and philosophy. Her in depth and contining development has been one of the foundations of mindflowyoga.


Dr. Neelam Taneja

Course Director - Philosophy

Neelam has over fifty years teaching meditation, yoga and yoga philosophy. The depth of understanding he brings to the course is underpinned by his years of teaching yogoc philosophy.


Peter O'Connor M.Sc. B.A.hons DipFSA

Faculty Administrator

Peter has been a yoga practitioner on and off for over thirty years. His commercial, project, academic and yogic experience ensures the rigor of the qualification and the structure of the faculty.

Course & Faculty Leaders

The faculty is comprised of course teachers, guest teaching staff, academic assessors, and administrators. Each member has been chosen for the role due to their experience, attitude and ability.

Teaching is overseen and directed by Sarah O'Connor a renowned yoga teacher with over twenty years experience in teaching daily classes and workshops. She is qualified as a BWY yoga teacher, and holds qualifications in Anusara yoga, Kundalini, Iyengar, Pranayama, Mantra, Mudra, and Meditation. For ten years Sarah has run a gentle/remedial yoga class for those recovering from long-term illness alongside a class for antenatal students. These have recently been haded over so that other teachers may experience the richness of teaching these disciplines. She has worked with a local schools running yoga classes for teenagers since 2004 and is currently running classes for years 10-13 [15-18yr olds] to aid exam & revision stress. She is board member with TeenYogaUK and regularly delivers Teen Teacher Training around the UK. Sarah runs specialist pranayama and meditation courses, and regular workshops on the yoga of inner disciplines. Her experience in teaching daily classes to wide variety of students has served to ensure that her work is safe and professional. Ages in her weekly classes range from late seventies to late teens, each student has different physical contra-indications. Go and try one of her classes!

Philosophy is led by Dr. Neelam Taneja. Neelam works with Sarah to integrate philosophy with the physical aspects of the course. Neelam has been practicing meditation and yoga for over 50 years, and teaching for over forty years. Neelam brings a gentle and nurturing aspect to some of the more academic aspects of the course.

Neelam did his early training in Sanskrit and Yoga Philosophy in India. Later in the UK [1994-1996] he did his advanced meditation training in the Transcendental Meditation Siddha programme [highest level of training in meditation]. He completed teachers training in meditation and Ayurveda [1996-1998] with Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. David Simon of the Chopra Centre in California.


Neelam completed his Restorative Yoga training at the 'Yoga for health Foundation' at Ickwell Bury, Bedfordshire in 2006. The University of Exeter, UK, accredited his Mindfulness training in 2011. Most recently [2012-2014], he completed courses in the clinical application of Mindfulness from the National Institute of Clinical & Behavioural Medicine in the Connecticut; USA.

He has a doctorate in Philosophy of Science from London [1975]. Dr Neelam is a Fellow [retired] of The Royal Society of Medicine, and a patron member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Other Faculty Leads

The faculty is administrated and supervised by Peter O'Connor. His experience with a wide variety of yogic practices, combined with commercial, organisational and project skills ensure that the faculty is run the way it should be both inside and outside the studio. His goal is to help make the qualification one of the most respected around. His involvement allows organisational issues to be encompassed in a yogic manner without impinging on the yoga teaching allowing the course directors to solely concentrate on yoga and philosophy.

The Faculty academic policy consultant and academic skills mentor is Kirsten Wight, MA. Kirsten has 9 years of experience as an Associate Lecturer for The Open University. She is experienced in teaching academic writing skills and good academic practice, student assessment (including final assessment), and setting assessment tasks.

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