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Philosophical Overview

Our Aims

The mindflowyoga faculty aims to embody the tenets of yogic philosophy through our thoughts, words and our actions. We could translate this to intent, teachings, and courses.

We start with intent.

An old saying states that when visiting somewhere you should leave the place in the same condition you found it. We think you should leave the place in better condition than you found it. It doesn’t take much to clean up after yourself and then maybe spend just another two minutes on top making things better.

We believe when you meet somebody you should leave them in better condition than you found them.


It is our intent that every student who attends one of our courses is changed for the better. This change may be small or profound, it may be instant or may take years to bubble to the surface. We hope that each interaction the student has, each person they meet, will be influenced positively by the change. The change may be a small as one day they show compassion, or that they become the best teacher or person they could be, and in doing so can affect the lives of students, family or co-workers.

We do this so that they may pass forward to every person the student meets, and affect them in turn – over and over again.


We support our students, we want them to be as honest, free, most real, and the best they can be at that stage in their lives. We teach our student teachers to safely place their students, their own teaching, and self development at the heart of their lives. If we are able to positively impact somebodies teaching ability, we know this will pass onto their students lives. If we can positively affect, so others will positively be affected.

What we teach, we teach through our own direct experience. We wont teach a mantra or a breath without practicing it daily and truly understanding its affects.


Our courses are a variety of lengths and levels. Each is designed to cover a broader aspect of yoga than you would normally expect in a western school. Sure, we cover asana, philosophy, and some energetic practices, but we also look at the person, the yogi, the practitioner. We encourage a deeper learning of yoga, through continued regular practice at a variety of levels.
Each person attending a course is given the time to develop who they are. We don’t want to turn out inexperienced or fragile yoga teachers. Its not fair on them or the students they teach. We want people to be strong, robust, anti-fragile individuals who can promote self respect through respect for others.
Respect for their yoga and themselves.

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