mindflowyoga training courses

Expanding your yoga

Mindflowyoga offers a variety of courses. They are in-depth, well structured, and opening. Courses can lead to a yoga teaching qualification, may be used to augment a newly qualified teacher’s qualification, or simply to look deeper into your own practice.

Courses include:

500 hour Yoga Teacher Training & Self Development

This is a yoga teacher training course that covers all aspects a general yoga teacher would need to go out into the wider world and start teaching. The course covers anatomy and physiology, asana, philosophy, energetic practices, pranayama, meditation, teaching practices, professional development, and self development.

The 500 hour yoga teaching course is two years in length and intense. There is homework, practice work, analysis work, philosophical work, written work, drawing work, mantra, mudra, and teaching practice.

Year 1 takes a broader approach that introduces the concepts, philosophical texts, energetic practices, anatomy & physiology, teaching practice and begins broadening the students ways of thinking.

Year 2 takes things deeper. In-depth analysis of asana and relation to the energetic practices, integrating yoga philosophy on and off the mat, focusing teaching practice, professional and personal development, the business of yoga teaching.

Course currently running - New course starts September 2018.

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Yoga Philosophy Course

A 1 year course in yogic philosophy.
The course covers Sanskrit and the Sanskrit alphabet, common texts including Bhagavad Gita, Upanishad translations, Patanjali’s sutras and the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. The course examines the text timelines and places them into a modern historical context. It further looks at the texts themselves; placing them within a translation/understanding of yoga.
The course further takes the student though the philosophical aspects of yoga by integration into asana practice, meditation practice and how to use the aspects both on and off the mat and your daily practice.

1 year course includes combination of written and practical homework.
Awaiting course dates.

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Pranayama Course

Breathing life back into your yoga practice!
Our pranayama course is a 1 year course with a combination of written and practical homework.
The course covers the foundation practices of pranayama such as how to find your basic breath, increasing capacity, and counting mechanisms. These are explored thoroughly while deepening and stabilizing physical and mental control alongside rhythmic breath, ratio breathing. More in depth integration of energetic bhanda and mudra is introduced, and later more traditional bastriki, kapalabhati, and nadi shodhana are fully practiced alongside the weaving of pranayama with asana.

1 year course – homework combination of written and practical.
Course currently running - Next course dates to be confirmed.

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Mantra Foundation

The Mantra foundation course is perfect for those who wish for a better understanding of the power of mantra as both an integrated and stand alone practice. The course gives the student an understanding of both the Sanskrit and Tibetan alphabets in the context of understanding some of the nuances of the mantra’s enunciation and physical (tongue – mouth – breath ) conveyance, alongside the more empathic heart – mind connection.

The course covers a broad understanding of Aum, Svaha / Namaha, and the more subtle aspects of mantra. Areas and mantras covered include: Gayatri, Om mani padme hum, Guru mantra, Lokas, Om shanti shanti, Pranavayaum, So haam, Warrior syllables, 5 elements, along with Bhanda and Mudra in mantra.

1 year course includes combination of written and practical homework.
New course dates by January.

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Tibetan Yoga Course

This course delves specifically into the mysteries of Tibetan Yoga.
The course looks at the practices of Bon Tibetan Yoga. The course covers asana, breath, chakra or kora work, vayu work, and meditation. This is all based on the yoga practices of the five tsa lungs, elemental practices, integrating breath and the five warrior syllables.

The course is a 200 hour. It is 1 year long and very in-depth comes with no written but practical homework.
This course has just finished - new dates to be confirmed soon.

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